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区分 科目名 単位
専攻 計量考古學の理解 (Introduction in Quantitative Archaeology) 3
計量考古學實習 (Practice in Quantitative Archaeolog) 3
考古學個別講讀 (Individual Readings in Archaeology) 3
考古學と自然科學 (Archaeology and Natural Science) 3
考古學セミナ―1 (Seminar in Archaeology 1) 3
考古學セミナ―2 (Seminar in Archaeology 2) 3
考古學硏究法特講 (Topics in Archaeological Methodology) 3
古墳考古學 (Archaeology and Burials) 3
文化動態論 (Theories on Culture Change) 3
傳統文化保存と活用特講 (Topics in Conservation and Application of Cultural Property) 3
百濟考古學特講 (Topics in Paekche Archaeology) 3
佛敎考古學特講 (Topics in Buddhist Archaeology) 3
西洋考古學特講 (Topics in Western Archaeology) 3
ヨ―ロッパ考古學特講 (Topics in Europe Archaeology) 3
舊石器學史 (The History of Palaeolithic Research) 3
先史考古學特講 (Topics in Prehistoric Archaeology) 3
先史技術論 (Archaeology of Prehistoric Technology) 3
東アジア文化硏究 (Seminar on Asian Cultures) 3
歷史考古學特講 (Topics in Historical Archaeology) 3
馬韓考古學 特講 (Topics in Mahan Archaeology) 3
人類學史特講 (Topics in History of Anthropology) 3
人類學現地調査 (Fieldwork in Anthropology) 3
日本考古學特講 (Topics in Japanese Archaeology) 3
中國考古學特講 (Topics in Chinese Archaeology) 3
中近世考古學特講 (Topics in Medieval Archaeology) 3
質的硏究方法論セミナ― (Seminar in Qualitative Research Methods) 3
聚落考古學 (Settlement Archaeology) 3
土器論特講 (Topics in Archaeology of Ceramics) 3
韓國文化硏究 (Seminar on Korean Culture) 3
現代考古學特講 (Topics in Contemporary Archaeological Theory) 3
湖南の先史文化 (rehistoric Culture in Honam) 3
湖南の歷史文化 (Historic Culture in Honam) 3
環境考古學 (Environmental Archaeology) 3
家族と親族特講 (Topics of Family and Kinship) 3
象徵と藝術人類學 (Anthropology of Symbols and Art) 3
農民社會論特講 (Topics on Peasant Society) 3
大衆文化特講 (Topics of Popular Culture) 3
都市人類學セミナ― (Seminar on Urban Anthropology) 3
文化觀光セミナ― (Seminar on Culture and Tourism) 3
多民族·多文化硏究特講 (Topics on Research of Ethnicity and Multiculturalism) 3
文化人類學特講1 (Topics on Cultural Anthropology 1) 3
文化人類學特講2 (Topics on Cultural Anthropology 2) 3
文化政策セミナ― (Seminar on Culture and Policy) 3
民衆生活史特講 (Topics of History of Minjung Life) 3
博物館學特講 (Seminar on Museum Studies) 3
傳統生活文化コンテンツ企劃 (Traditional Culture and Content Program Planning) 3
消費と文化特講 (Topics of Consumption and Culture) 3
現代文化理論特講 (Topics of Contemporary Culture Theory) 3
女性と文化特講 (Topics of Anthropology of Gender) 3
歷史人類學特講 (Topics of Historical Anthropology) 3
映像人類學特講 (Topics of Visual Anthropology) 3
宗敎人類學特講 (Topics of Anthropology of Religion) 3
祝祭と祝祭企劃特講 (Topics of Festival Program Planning) 3
韓國民俗學特講 (Topics of Korean Folklore) 3
環境と文化特講 (Topics of Anthropology of Environment) 3

Design Component

Man-made cultural, People who study culture, 21st century is “ the century of culture”