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學年 學期 区分 科目名 単講位義
2 1 専攻必修 ○韓國の先史文化(Prehistoric Culture in Korea) 3-3
専攻選択 近東考古學(Near Eastern Archaeology)
文化遺産と博物館(Cultural Heritage and Museum)
文化遺産の探査(Cultural Heritage Survey)
家族と親族(Family and Kinship)
韓國の民俗文化(Korean Folk Culture)
現代文化の理解(Introduction to Contemporary Culture)
東南亞人のライフと文化(Life and Culture in Southeast Asia)
2 専攻必修 ○文化理論(Cultural Theory) 3-3
専攻選択 觀光と文化遺産(Tourism and Anthropology)
傳統文化と文化コンテンツ (Traditional culture and Culture Content)
宗敎と文化(Religion and Culture)
映像考古學(Visual Archaeology)
中南美の古代文明(Ancient Civilization of Meso-American)
ヨ―ロッパの古代文明(Ancient Civilization of Europe)
韓國の文化遺産(The Cultural Heritage of Korea)
3 1 専攻必修 文化硏究方法(Methodology of Cultural Research) 3-3
専攻選択 文化産業と大衆文化(Cultural Industry and Mass Culture)
映像と文化(Visual Anthropology)
ライフと口述文化(Life and Culture of Ordinary People)
東アジア文明の發生と展開(Rise of East Asian Civilization)
人類の起源と進化(Origin and Evolution of Humankind)
韓國の歷史考古學(Historical Archaeology of Korea)
韓國の陶瓷文化(The Ceramic Culture of Korea)
2 専攻必修 ○考古學講讀(Readings in Archaeology) 3-3
専攻選択 考古學史(History of Archaeology)
古代の佛敎文化(Buddhistic Culture of Ancient Society)
現代社會と消費文化(Culture of Contemporary Consumption)
言語と文化(Language and Culture)
女性と文化(Gender and Culture)
文化と勸力(Culture and Power)
4 1 専攻選択 文化と政策(Culture and Policy)
現代社會と環境問題(Environmental Issue in Contemporary Societies)
東西洋文化交流と現代社會(Cultural Exchange between East and West)
百濟文化の理解(Introduction to Paekche Culture)
現代考古學の理解(Contemporary Theory in Archaeology)
湖南地域の文化遺産(Cultural Heritage of Honam Province)
2 専攻選択 中近世考古學(The Archaeology of the Medieval and Recent Historical Period)
文化遺産の活用(Use of Cultural Property)
人類文化と環境(Human Culture and the Environment)
文化企劃と展示(Cultural Events and Exhibition)
論文作成法(Thesis Write Method)

Design Component

Man-made cultural, People who study culture, 21st century is “ the century of culture”