CHONBUK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY Archaeological & Cultural Anthropology

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Grade Semester Major courses Subject
2 1 CORE Prehistoric Culture in Korea
MAJOR Near Eastern Archaeology
Cultural Heritage and Museum
Cultural Heritage Survey
Family and Kinship
Korean Folk Culture
Introduction to Contemporary Culture
Life and Culture in Southeast Asia
2 CORE Cultural Theory
MAJOR Tourism and Anthropology
Traditional culture and Culture Content
Religion and Culture
Visual Archaeology
Ancient Civilization of Meso-American
Ancient Civilization of Europe
The Cultural Heritage of Korea
3 1 CORE Methodology of Cultural Research
MAJOR Cultural Industry and Mass Culture
Visual Anthropology
Life and Culture of Ordinary People
Rise of East Asian Civilization
Origin and Evolution of Humankind
Historical Archaeology of Korea
The Ceramic Culture of Korea
2 CORE Readings in Archaeology
MAJOR History of Archaeology
Buddhistic Culture of Ancient Society
Culture of Contemporary Consumption
Language and Culture
Gender and Culture
Culture and Power
4 1 MAJOR Culture and Policy
Environmental Issue in Contemporary Societies
Cultural Exchange between East and West
Introduction to Paekche Culture
Contemporary Theory in Archaeology
Cultural Heritage of Honam Province
2 MAJOR The Archaeology of the Medieval and Recent Historical Period
Use of Cultural Property
Human Culture and the Environment
Cultural Events and Exhibition
Thesis Write Method

Design Component

Man-made cultural, People who study culture, 21st century is “ the century of culture”