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Major Courses Subject Credits
All Selective No Mandatory Introduction in Quantitative Archaeology 3
Practice in Quantitative Archaeolog 3
Individual Readings in Archaeology 3
Archaeology and Natural Science 3
Seminar in Archaeology 1 3
Seminar in Archaeology 2 3
Topics in Archaeological Methodology 3
Archaeology and Burials 3
Theories on Culture Change 3
Topics in Conservation and Application of Cultural Property 3
Topics in Paekche Archaeology 3
Topics in Buddhist Archaeology 3
Topics in Western Archaeology 3
Topics in Europe Archaeology 3
The History of Palaeolithic Research 3
Topics in Prehistoric Archaeology 3
Archaeology of Prehistoric Technology 3
Seminar on Asian Cultures 3
Topics in Historical Archaeology 3
Topics in Mahan Archaeology 3
Topics in History of Anthropology 3
Fieldwork in Anthropology 3
Topics in Japanese Archaeology 3
Topics in Chinese Archaeology 3
Topics in Medieval Archaeology 3
Seminar in Qualitative Research Methods 3
Settlement Archaeology 3
Topics in Archaeology of Ceramics 3
Seminar on Korean Culture 3
Topics in Contemporary Archaeological Theory 3
rehistoric Culture in Honam 3
Historic Culture in Honam 3
Environmental Archaeology 3
Topics of Family and Kinship 3
Anthropology of Symbols and Art 3
Topics on Peasant Society 3
Topics of Popular Culture 3
Seminar on Urban Anthropology 3
Seminar on Culture and Tourism 3
Topics on Research of Ethnicity and Multiculturalism 3
Topics on Cultural Anthropology 1 3
Topics on Cultural Anthropology 2 3
Seminar on Culture and Policy 3
Topics of History of Minjung Life 3
Seminar on Museum Studies 3
Traditional Culture and Content Program Planning 3
Topics of Consumption and Culture 3
Topics of Contemporary Culture Theory 3
Topics of Contemporary Culture Theory 3
Topics of Anthropology of Gender 3
Topics of Historical Anthropology 3
Topics of Visual Anthropology 3
Topics of Anthropology of Religion 3
Topics of Festival Program Planning 3
Topics of Korean Folklore 3
Topics of Anthropology of Environment 3

Design Component

Man-made cultural, People who study culture, 21st century is “ the century of culture”