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学年 学期 学分提别 科程名(英文表记) 学讲实 分课习
2 1 必修专业 ○韩国的先史文化(Prehistoric Culture in Korea) 3-3-3
选修专业 近东考古学(Near Eastern Archaeology)
文化遗产与博物馆(Cultural Heritage and Museum)
文化遗产的勘探(Cultural Heritage Survey)
家族与亲属(Family and Kinship)
韩国民俗文化(Korean Folk Culture)
现代文化的理解(Introduction to Contemporary Culture)
东南亚人的生活与文化(Life and Culture in Southeast Asia)
2 必修专业 ○文化理论(Cultural Theory) 3-3-3
选修专业 旅游与文化遗产(Tourism and Anthropology)
传统文化与文化目录 (Traditional culture and Culture Content)
宗教与文化(Religion and Culture)
映像考古文(Visual Archaeology)
中南美的古代文明(Ancient Civilization of Meso-American)
欧洲的古代文明(Ancient Civilization of Europe)
韩国的文化遗产(The Cultural Heritage of Korea)
3 1 必修专业 文化研究方法(Methodology of Cultural Research) 3-3-3
选修专业 文化产业与大众文化(Cultural Industry and Mass Culture)
映像与文化(Visual Anthropology)
人们的生活与文化(Life and Culture of Ordinary People)
东亚文明的发生与展开(Rise of East Asian Civilization)
人类的起源与进化(Origin and Evolution of Humankind)
韩国的历史考古学(Historical Archaeology of Korea)
韩国的器文化(The Ceramic Culture of Korea)
2 必修专业 ○考古学精读(Readings in Archaeology) 3-3-3
选修专业 考古学的历史(History of Archaeology)
古代的佛教文化(Buddhistic Culture of Ancient Society)
现代社会与消费文化(Culture of Contemporary Consumption)
语言与文化(Language and Culture)
女性与文化(Gender and Culture)
文化与权力(Culture and Power)
4 1 选修专业 文化与政策(Culture and Policy)
现代社会与环境问题(Environmental Issue in Contemporary Societies)
东西方文化交流与现代社会(Cultural Exchange between East and West)
五帝文化的理解(Introduction to Paekche Culture)
现代考古学的理解(Contemporary Theory in Archaeology)
湖南地区的文化遗产(Cultural Heritage of Honam Province)
2 选修专业 中世和近代的考古学(The Archaeology of the Medieval and Recent Historical Period)
文化遗产的活用(Use of Cultural Property)
人类文化与环境(Human Culture and the Environment)
文化规划与展示(Cultural Events and Exhibition)
论文写的方法(Thesis Write Method)

Design Component

Man-made cultural, People who study culture, 21st century is “ the century of culture”